Build the Future

Build the future 1
A show in which a half-human , half-robot character evolves in a futuristic world. Between effects of levitation, illusion, robotics and birds appearances, this number will transport you into a visual and sonorous atmosphere inspired by science fiction films.

Charlylou Evolve

Charlylou 4A “cartoon like” show in which Charlylou, a colorful character, evolves in a world of humor and poetry. Wandering in the rain, he makes colorful umbrellas appear… Between humor, television parody, mime and visual magic, this number is intended for family viewing.

The Charly Show


An interactive 1 hour show of dance, magic and stand up, like a TV show with a modern and dynamic soundtrack. An all public representation.

Entertainment,dance classes

Want to try hip-hop dance (standing all styles and break foundation)? Try now Charly’s group or individual classes (All levels).

Interested in magic? Book Charly’s training program to explore this mysterious universe (All levels)

Professionals, choose something unusual and fun for your events (Christmas tree, opening night, retirement pot …)

Custom made show

To reply to a specific event, conditions, or a particular theme, a custom made show can be created.

Contact Charly for further informations and quote