Dancer, performer, videomaker, explorer Charly is a French artist with an unusual background.

Fascinated by the hip-hop culture since his youth, he joined in 2002, at the age of 16,the dance school “Ultimatum School”. He gained experiences for several years by learning the different techniques of hip-hop dance (locking, break, hype, popping animation).

In 2006 Charly entered the dance company “Unity”, one of the best of his generation with which he participated in many scenes, dance competitions, battles…

In parallel, he is teaching dance to children and adults in different associative structures.

He discovered the underground scene of battles and took part in several competitions throughout Europe:

– “The Ring” & “Hip hop session” (France), winner 2010

– “Juste debout” (Holland), winner in 2010

– “Juste debout” (France, Paris Bercy) finals 2010

– “Eurobattle” (Portugal) finals 2009

– “Funkinstylez” (Germany), semifinal, 2008

This is a significant period that allowed him to refine his technique.

He graduated in 2008 with a director-editor’s degree and spent two years at “Dawa production” where he expanded his creative possibilities and expression.

Globe trotter, Charly took advantage of his travels to record dance videos from around the world and share them on his blog “World Trip Series”.

To expand his professional activities he learned the art of circus as an autodidact. He developed a stage character combining magic, illusion, mime. He is particularly interested in the magic of fire, levitation, work with doves …

From there his unique concept combining hip hop and magic (for cabaret, circus and entertainment) was born. In 2011 he participated in various artistic projects and integrated the circus company “Chapiteau d’Afrique” for the show “Télézapping.”

In 2013 he joined Disneyland Paris during two years for the show “Streetmosphere” in which he is presenting an excerpt of his creation “Build The Future”, that blends dance, robotics and illusion.

In 2019 he is started working with Holidays Production.An itinerant cabaret across France.A new way for Charly to devellop skillz with great illusions and fireshow.

In the summer 2020 he is going on a 25 dates tour with his one hour show mixing comedy dance magic and fire.A successfull experience!

But what will be his next challenges … ?!!